Managing your Business Admin and Operational tasks.

Deputi Cares about Building Better Businesses
making business admin easier and less stressful

Easy to use.
When you fire up your laptop in the morning
Deputi is waiting to update you on your admin and operational deadlines and tasks
With all your business critical information, data, documents and contracts in one place
Available 24/7
Wherever you are

Clever and reliable
Deputi will help you get those tasks completed and if you get stuck, you can ask Deputi what to do and how to do it
No question is a stupid question

Reducing frustration& anxiety
The frustration and anxiety that comes with business admin is taken away by Deputi
making business admin simple and easy

As your digital COO
Deputi just wants to help you and support you
Freeing up your time
So that you can grow your business

free up your time and save money

Building Better Businesses