Coaching is about YOU. An opportunity to improve your performance and reach YOUR goals.


You call the shots and set the goals. We work together, being curious, questioning, listening and learning. Giving you the opportunity to have time to think and talk, challenging and exploring your thinking, then expanding and focusing on those thoughts, until you have a clear ‘plan of action’ you feel confident to follow.

Coaching is a thought provoking process with its foundations in the belief that people are naturally creative and resourceful. A coach is providing the environment and support to enhance those skills, resources and creativity.

Lexa has a passion for partnering with her clients; collaborating on their development and nurturing of their talents and strengths; enhancing their performance and skills; encouraging behaviours which can be built upon and sustained so that they maximise their potential.

As a client led coaching programme, you will set their goals and address the opportunities and challenges, supported by your coach. Achieving a better understanding of yourself and the business culture you work within.

The approach is practical, relevant, and bespoke, with the objective of developing highly effective individuals and teams who are best positioned to thrive in times of change and challenge.

The most frequent challenges clients set for themselves are:

• Founder to CEO – understanding the difference and how to transition
• manager to leader : transitioning and developing as an effective leader
• making themselves heard: confidence, resilience and influence
• portfolio and flexible working, better balance and well-being – what does it mean and how to get there
• a focus on managing time and priorities
• developing and growing a great team and culture
• personal development, career development & planning
• interpersonal and communication skills
• Having difficult conversations -handling with conflict and conflict-management techniques
• how to become a “superstar”
• networking skills
• succession planning & management

Lexa Hunt is an accredited coach who has extensive experience of coaching Entrepreneurs, Senior Executives and their Lexa is an alumni Meyler Campbell (
Each coaching session is set in a comfortable environment that is free from distraction and interruption, either in person or on the phone/Skype/Slack. Setting aside the time for each coaching session is important and Lexa asks her clients to maintain focus for the duration of the session.